Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bridge to the Soul Workshop Series: The Art of Healing

YogART: The Art of Healing
Foster a new integrative arts and healith practice. 
Your creative self holds the key to the healer within.
An introduction to the Art and Yoga Movement
YogART workshop (the fusion of Yoga, Mandala Making), Short Film and Q & A
Art 4 All Peoples and YogART’s founder Ceylan Hulya M.A. & Lisa Rasmussen M.F.A

Yoga Instructors : Amanda Meehan & Lauren Eckstrom
Short documentary Film ‘The filter” with Q & A featuring Yogi/Artist Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese

Sunday, January 12th, 2014
1:00pm -4:00pm
Harkness Conference Room
USC Institute for Genetic Medicine
2250 Alcazar St., CSC 240
Los Angeles, CA 90033
directions: here
Price $90 sliding scale $70
 Register at  310-745-2476

Details of the YogART Intensive 
2 1/2 hour works: 4 professional instructors and all art supplies included. Followed by "Filter" Short Documentary and Q & A
The Art of Healing YogART workshop is dedicated to the exploration and regeneration of your internal energy map, through Transformative Art, Yoga, and other sensory experiences. The primary focus of this experience is to awaken, nourish, and empower your own creativity. In this holistic experience we look to the ancient wisdom of the Chakra system, which provides a container and a light to explore your sacred self. Through the Yoga practice we intuitively engage the postures and the sensations of the Chakra’s system and through the Transformative Making, the Chakra’s become an Archetypal jumping off point, an activation for your own creative exploration. This will manifest through the Art and Process of Mandala Making

Short Documentary Film 

"The short film documentary titled “Filter” is the story of the Coffee Filter Artist, Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese. Back in 2011, she initiated simple stick figures of people and yoga mats on a recycled coffee filter to journal her participation in a yoga challenge.  Today, her new found creative expression that transformed in parallel with her love of the practice of yoga, now towers over her and continues to inspire and resonate with others.
The talk will be an opportunity for Q&A about how our yoga practice can open the gates to the ‘bridge’ that leads to ‘letting go’ of the fear of expectations and judgments that often is the cause of our own-withdrawal  from fully expressing creatively what is swirling in the heart. When we begin to let-go and “Filter” OUT and share the expressions that resides in our hearts we begin to give life back to our stifled creative souls where wealth of healing awaits. The discussion will cover how being in the practice of yoga and art can help begin the journey in becoming our authentic-selves."

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