Monday, August 6, 2012

Art and Activism @ Art 4 All!

It was amazing on August 4th, 2012,  transformative artists, environmentalists, models, celebrities, and locals all participated in Hands Across the Sand one of the world's largest gatherings against offshore drilling ever held, Similar events were held across the country and around the world, showing thousands of people united against offshore drilling and in favor of clean energy. The Malibu Hands Across the Sands also aligned with the important message to be conscious of single use items and to consider alternative ways to reduce waste, so it does not end up in our Oceans.

In companion with Hands Across the Sand, there was a fashion shoot and trunk show.Art 4 All  People, hosted the event. Spear heading the Art Action was Marina DeBris's Beach Couture (fashion made from trash found on local beaches.) She had a transformative Art fashion shoot. Models included Tanna Frederick, actress, environmentalist and founder of Save Our Surf. At 12:00 noon we all held hands. in global solidarity with Hands Across the Sand. It was a really powerful action! Afterwards, we returned to Art 4 All for a talk from Tanna Frederick,trunk show and some food.

Hands Across the Sand. Malibu/Art 4 All-2012

Tanna Fredrick with Save our Surf President Sydney Shand wearing Marina DeBris (Trash from our Ocean/Beaches) Couture

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